The Academy and the Founder

Venus Hughes

Evergreen Partner In Care Academy is a Private Vocational school doing business in the State of Washington and was formed on January 2021. It is owned by VENUS HUGHES as the founder of the academy, a Certified Nursing Assistant for more than 10 years.

Venus Hughes - Owner and Founder of Vergreen Partner in Care Academy

Venus started her job as a CAREGIVER in an adult home when she moved to Seattle Washington. She has vast experience working in an Adult Home, Assisted Living, Dementia Care Unit and Nursing Home which gave her pathway of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) working in a skilled nursing facility and finally to an acute hospital. She practiced her field in the Medical Surgical Unit, Cardiac Telemetry and Neuroscience unit.

A former Training Facilitator in her country (Philippines) and has mastered her skills in adult learning. She had finished her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and majored in Management at Saint Louis University. While working as a Certified Nursing Assistant she decided to further her studies and went for schooling for her Associate Degree in Health Informatics and Information Management at Shoreline Community College, graduated in 2018 and passed her board exam of the same year. She is presently working at the Department of Public Health serving King County.

It has been her dream to have her own school which is her long term goal in life. She has the passion of helping and serving the people in our community by sharing her experiences and skills through education. As the founder of the Academy, she looks forward of being recognized as one of the renowned care providers not only in the State of Washington but to serve other States in the future.


Our goal is to improve the quality life of caregivers and the people who receive their care and to strengthen the skills and competencies in delivering excellent service that would exceed the standards of our community.


We are committed to achieving the full potential of health and well-being across life span. We value being trusted by the people in our community.

Core Values

  • Our clients and student are our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY
  • We are committed to QUALITY and providing the best of what is available through timely and prompt service and up to date information.
  • We treat each person with RESPECT and DIGNITY
    • We COLLABORATE with providers in our community to improve our mutual aims
    • We are committed to serving the DIVERSE and changing populations of Caregivers